Korg MicroKORG Synthesizer/Vocoder


The microkorg is a poplar analog synthesizer/vocoder. Korg’s is preferred by muscians because of DSP analog modelling.

Korg MicroKORG Synthesizer/Vocoder has 37 keys and comes with 128 user-rewritable programs. It features a dual-oscillator DSP synthesis engine. This engine offers a wide range of waveforms. It has an 8-band vocoder and offers good range of affects.  One can buy the best microkorg from guitar center at reasonable prices.

Saudi Government has asked Pakistan to supply arms and men to fight in Syria


We have been receiving news regarding the reduction of dollar exchange rate. I cannot say with it confidence what are the reasons behind it. We are trying to find out the truth. The government has given us their version how did they manage to bring down the dollar exchange rate to Rs. 98/-. If this is the result of some new economic revelations than the government deserves congratulation. Critics say they have received this money because of Syrian problem. I will call it dividend because Saudi Government has asked Pakistan to supply arms and men to fight in Syria. What would you call it a dividend or gift? You can give any name you like.

It appears that our government has signed an agreement with the Saudi Government to supply arms, ammunitions and mercenary and technicians. It means our government will not spend a dime on the purchases of arms and ammunitions. They will get money for these purchases separately. Saudi Government has given 1.5 Billion dollars which has increased the value of rupee.

greensboro nc health insurance here


Health care costs in the United States are rising day by day. It is said that the United States spends $1.9 trillion annually on healthcare expenses. The prevailing economic condition is pushing the cost of everything. In this situation, people must buy good health insurance plans to meet the rising costs of healthcare.

I advise every head of the family to include health insurance in his financial program. There are hundreds of health care insurance providers in the market. I recommend people to compare the costs and coverage of different insurance providers before buying a health insurance policy. Check out for greensboro nc health insurance here.

Buy musical instruments online


Music industry is growing day by day. Young men and women are joining the industry in large numbers. We see a large number struggling bands trying to save money for intrument and equipment. These bands find it difficult to buy expensive intruments. Now there are music retailers who offer popular music intruments at discount prices.

One can find great musical instruments . This popular website offers a great selection of new and used gear for sale. People will find guitars, drums, amplifiers and keyboards. They will also find accessories needed by DJ and Folk bands.

Check out their ‘Hot Deals’ section. You will find branded equipment offered for sale. Current they are offering Gibson’s guitar on sale.

The vox ac30 at GC is a popular guitar amp


Live shows have become very popular. These shows are held by singers and other performers.  In my country, live musical shows are held on special days such as independence say and defense days. Singers popular national songs to entertain their guests.

Good quality musical instruments are very important for live shows. Guitar players need good quality amplifiers to carry their beats to audience.

The vox ac30 at GC is a popular guitar amp. This amplifiers comes with two channels. These channels can be controlled through their volume controls.

Shiney Ahuja, Welcome Back


shiney_AhujaThe news grabbed my attention on Arab News that actor Shiney Ahuja will be see in Anees Bazmee’s comedy-drama ‘Welcome Back’. The actor who had given us many hit films was away from the Industry because of an alleged raped case.  He was awarded 7-seven old sentence for raping his domestic help. He is currently on bail.

We have seen his film like ‘Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi’ in 2005, Gangster’, ‘Woh Lamhe’, ‘Life in a Metro’ among others.

India among most dangerous places in the world


Strange as it may sound, government data show that India is among the most dangerous places in the world as far as bomb blasts per year are concerned – next only to Iraq and Pakistan, with even war-torn Afghanistan and Syria doing better.


Times of India’s  report has shocked me. The report says 212 bomb blasts occurred in India. It means India is not a safe country. What shocks me is that India media does show these things and say that it is better than Pakistan.

The situation frightens me and tells me that world powers are busy in destabilizing using the discontent groups. Ruling Indian elites will have to pay attention. Otherwise, the situation in India will be similar to Pakistan. 

Shure SM7B Microphone with Switchable Response


Shure SM7B Microphone with Switchable Response is regarded as an innovative product. It offers 50Hz-20kHz frequency response. It has been designed keeping in the mind the outside world. This microphone is recommended for rock and metal singers. The good thing about this product is that can control the sounds of hi-hat, cymbals and voice. You ca buy the  best sure sm7b from well known web stores at reasonable prices.

We all know India has only pseudo-secularism


Koti wrote: “We all know India has only pseudo-secularism. That is inscribed in our constitution itself. A secular country will not make caste and religion relevant in policies. We can’t do anything about it without 2/3 majority across the board to change psudo-secular laws in our books. I think what is truly wrong is in the Indian judicial system which has not found Modi guilty yet, while you (I mean media, because that is where we get our information for most part) have clearly pinpointed his hand in so many crimes. Does this mean the media is far better than our judiciary and may be we should replace our courts with news media?”

Bedell Guitars


Bedell Guitars are popular among guitars Bedell Heritage HGM-17-G is one of the company’s popular model. It is an affordable guitar. The company has used a solid Canadian cedar top. This enables a guitarist to control volume and tones. It features African sapele back and sides. It has Rosewood fret board and 25.6″ scale length. One can buy a bedell guitar at Guitar Center at a reasonable prices. The web store also sells used guitars.

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